What are the top 10 shifts in public opinion on gambling worldwide this year?

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1. Increased acceptance of online gambling: With the COVID-19 pandemic restricting access to physical casinos, there has been a significant shift towards online gambling worldwide, with increased acceptance and participation from the general public.

2. Growing support for sports betting: Sports betting has gained popularity and public acceptance in many countries, as more people perceive it as a form of entertainment and a way to engage with their favorite sports.

3. Recognition of potential economic benefits: Governments worldwide have increasingly recognized the potential economic benefits of legalizing and regulating gambling activities, leading to shifts in public opinion in favor of expanding gambling laws.

4. Concerns over problem gambling: As gambling becomes more prevalent and accessible, there has been a shift in public opinion towards acknowledging the potential harms associated with gambling addiction and advocating for better regulations and support systems to address problem gambling.

5. Evolution of attitudes towards online poker: There has been a gradual acceptance and normalization of online poker as a skill-based game rather than mere gambling, resulting in shifts in public opinion towards its legality and regulation.

6. Increased scrutiny of loot boxes and microtransactions: The prevalence of loot boxes and in-game microtransactions in video games has sparked public debate and concerns about their similarities to gambling. This shift has prompted discussions surrounding their regulation and potential harm to minors.

7. Changing perspectives on gambling advertising: An increasing number of countries and jurisdictions have seen shifts in public opinion towards stricter regulations on gambling advertising, with concerns about its potential influence on vulnerable populations, particularly children and problem gamblers.

8. Embracing casino resorts as tourism drivers: Some countries and regions have witnessed a shift in public opinion towards embracing casino resorts as a means to boost tourism and attract international visitors, which has led to changes in gambling legislation in certain areas.

9. Rising interest in virtual currencies and cryptocurrencies: The rise of virtual currencies, such as Bitcoin, and the popularity of cryptocurrency gambling platforms have led to shifts in public opinion regarding the legitimacy and acceptance of these digital currencies within the gambling industry.

10. Continued debate on the benefits and drawbacks of gambling: While public opinion varies, there is an ongoing debate surrounding the benefits and drawbacks of gambling. This year has seen increased public discussions and shifts in opinions regarding the potential economic stimulation, social impact, and moral considerations associated with gambling.

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