What are the top 10 new training programs for casino professionals this year?

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While I cannot provide a list of the top 10 new training programs for casino professionals this year, I can suggest some popular and reputable training programs that are frequently recommended. Here are a few options:

1. World Casino Academy: Offers various training programs tailored for different casino roles, including table game dealers, pit bosses, and casino managers.

2. Southern Gaming Summit: Hosts a range of seminars, workshops, and conferences for casino professionals covering a wide range of topics.

3. Institute for the Study of Gambling and Commercial Gaming: Offers a comprehensive program focused on the study of gambling and casino operations.

4. Gaming Management Program at University of Nevada, Reno: A renowned program that provides education on various aspects of casino management, operations, and regulations.

5. International Gaming Institute at University of Nevada, Las Vegas: Offers several professional development courses related to casino management, player development, surveillance, and more.

6. National Indian Gaming Association Training: Provides training programs specifically tailored to Native American casino professionals.

7. Casino Essentials: Offers online training programs covering a range of topics, including compliance, anti-money laundering, and responsible gaming.

8. Gaming & Leisure University: Organizes conferences and seminars focused on the gaming industry, featuring experts who provide insights into various aspects of casino operations.

9. Casino Career Institute: Provides training programs for aspiring casino dealers, including table game rules, procedures, and customer service skills.

10. UNLV Continuing Education: Offers various courses related to the casino industry, featuring topics such as casino marketing, revenue management, and hospitality operations.

These are just a few examples, and there may be other new and specialized training programs available based on your specific needs and location. It would be beneficial to research and choose a program that aligns with your career goals and interests.

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