What are the top 10 most effective measures in preventing underage gambling this year?

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While I can provide you with a list of effective measures to prevent underage gambling, please note that it might not be up-to-date for this year. Nonetheless, here are ten effective measures commonly used to prevent underage gambling:

1. Age restrictions and identity verification: Implement strict age restrictions for gambling activities and ensure robust identity verification processes for individuals attempting to gamble.

2. Comprehensive education and awareness programs: Develop informative campaigns targeted at both parents and young people, educating them about the risks and consequences of underage gambling.

3. Collaboration with schools and youth organizations: Work closely with educational institutions and youth organizations to provide informative sessions on the dangers of gambling and establish policies to prevent underage access to gambling venues.

4. Parental controls and responsibility: Encourage parents to actively monitor and limit their children’s internet and electronic device usage, blocking access to gambling websites and applications.

5. Enforce legal consequences for underage gambling: Impose strict penalties and fines on operators who allow underage individuals to gamble while stiffening penalties for underage gambling itself.

6. Strict advertising regulations: Implement rigorous regulations on gambling advertisements, including restrictions on content, timing, and placement, ensuring they do not target or appeal to minors.

7. Use technology for age verification: Employ technological measures such as facial recognition or ID validation tools to verify the age of online gamblers and prevent unauthorized access.

8. Social media and online platforms’ engagement: Collaborate with social media platforms and online gaming providers to establish age restrictions and prevent young people from encountering gambling content.

9. Training and support for gambling operators: Provide specialized training for employees of gambling establishments, ensuring they can accurately identify and deny access to underage individuals.

10. Collaboration with gambling industry: Encourage the gambling industry to actively participate in prevention efforts, promote responsible gambling practices, and assist in identifying minors attempting to gamble.

Please note that the effectiveness of these measures may vary depending on the specific context and regional regulations. It is always important to ensure ongoing evaluation and adaptation of prevention strategies to address the evolving landscape of underage gambling.

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