What are the top 10 instances of political lobbying by gambling companies this year?

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As an AI language model, I don’t have access to real-time data or specific information about events occurring within a given year. However, I can provide you with a general list of notable instances of political lobbying by gambling companies in recent years. Please note that without current data, it is difficult to rank them as the “top 10” instances for any specific year. Here are some significant examples:

1. US Online Gambling Expansion: Various gambling companies have lobbied at both federal and state levels to advocate for the legalization and regulation of online gambling, such as sports betting or online casinos. This lobbying has been particularly prevalent since the 2018 US Supreme Court decision to overturn the federal ban on sports betting.

2. Casino Expansion Initiatives: Gambling companies, especially large casino corporations, often lobby state governments to obtain licenses for new casinos or to expand existing operations. These efforts involve coordinating with legislators and local government officials.

3. Opposition to Anti-Gambling Legislation: Gambling companies frequently engage in lobbying activities to fight against legislation that imposes restrictions on their operations, such as increased taxes, stricter regulations, or bans on certain types of gambling.

4. Campaign Contributions: Gambling companies make political donations and utilize political action committees (PACs) to financially support political candidates or parties that are perceived to be favorable towards the gambling industry. These contributions aim to influence policy decisions in their favor.

5. Casino Resort Development: Lobbying efforts often focus on securing licenses and favorable legislation for casino resorts. Such projects can involve significant investments and generate economic opportunities for both local communities and the gambling companies.

6. Sports Betting Legalization Efforts: With the increasing popularity of sports betting, gambling companies have been actively lobbying to legalize it in different jurisdictions or expand existing legal frameworks.

7. Opposition to Gambling Addiction Measures: Some lobbying activities involve opposing or influencing legislation related to gambling addiction prevention measures, which could include advertising restrictions, mandatory self-exclusion programs, or stricter responsible gambling regulations.

8. Online Poker Legalization: Gambling companies, including online poker operators, have lobbied for the legalization and regulation of online poker in various jurisdictions, including the United States.

9. Lobbying for Tax Breaks and Incentives: Companies in the gambling industry have sought specific tax breaks, incentives, or exemptions that would benefit their operations. These activities aim to create a more favorable economic environment for their businesses.

10. Lobbying for Regulation Alignment: Gambling companies also engage in lobbying efforts to promote regulatory alignment between different jurisdictions. Aligning regulations can facilitate their operations in countries where they expand and ensure uniformity in their gambling policies.

Remember that these examples are not specific to any particular year and the specific lobbying efforts can vary depending on the region and country.

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