The Influence of Politics on the Humanitarian Disaster on the Southern Border

The Influence of Politics on the Humanitarian Disaster on the Southern Border

I’m amused after I hear tv pundits complaining that President Biden has not intervened within the humanitarian disaster on the southern border in the US.

Amused, as a result of President Biden and the primary woman are busy going for a journey on the seashore amid the nationwide crises and refuse to reply questions and Vice President Harris is busy profitable the coin toss for her alma mater at a soccer sport.

Let’s be actual right here. The Democrats and the media are banking on the truth that many Individuals will overlook President Biden’s missteps and scapegoat President Trump by their blatant biases and misreporting understanding that one half of the nation hates President Trump.

President Trump is just like the sham wizard hiding behind the scenes who’s conveniently blamed for inflicting the failures below President Biden, which all of the Trump haters consider, particularly, the unfold of the COVID virus, the lack of Afghanistan, the migrant disaster on the southern border, the rise in inflation and President Biden’s failure to unite the nation.

Usually we do not know who the migrants are or the place they’re coming from however we all know that they’re being dispersed, on the time of a pandemic, all through the nation with none COVID testing or precautionary vaccines and that two of them that had been caught had been on the terrorist wished listing from Yemen.

Regardless of all this, electorally Biden is in a good place as a result of Haitians and Hispanics often vote Democratic so a couple of thousand additional votes for Biden should be a optimistic since they’ll simply flip a few of these southern states blue like Texas, New Mexico and Arizona with the addition of an additional 100 or so electoral faculty votes.

Other than that, Biden stands to learn in one other means due to the illegal distribution of further Home seats and electoral votes to states with excessive numbers of latest immigrants. New immigrants cannot vote however those that vote will rely greater than those that dwell in states with a bigger share of the inhabitants.

In 2020, with out correctly checking the alternate options voters changed an authoritarian with an enfeebled 78 12 months outdated who appears extra concerned about his legacy than within the widespread good.

At current the unlawful immigrants are crossing the border on the fee 200,000 a month ( ). These are future Democratic voters meant to offer that occasion everlasting energy. Folks consider what they wish to consider so perhaps Trump haters will proceed to position the blame for the migration and different crises at his ft.

Sounds Machiavellian I do know however that’s how politics is performed.

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